Relevant Television - Science Without The Lecture
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Musical Supervision and Editing By
Oliver Johnson
Courtesy of The Hive


Music Composed By

 Oliver Johnson  Andrew Seok  Robert Strauss  Tim Abraham  Tony Bozek  Lou Natale
 Dave Gouveia  Gad Reichman  Neil Shankman  Alister Johnson  Brian MacMillan

Artist and Recording In Order of Performance

Leh-Lo “The Numbers” - CD - Zig-Zag

Enter The Haggis “Congress” - CD - Casualties of Retail

Donné Roberts “Sadebake” - CD - Rhythm Was Born

LAL “Creep” - CD - Warm Belly High Power

Anthony Rankin Wilson “Motherless Child” - CD - Already Broken

Brian MacMillan “Let The Darkness Go” - CD - Let The Darkness Go

Layah Jane ”Put Your Foot Down”- CD – Brightness and Bravery

MacMillan & Kane “If You Like Nice Music” - Unreleased

Layah Jane “Reverence & Ridicule” - CD - Grievance and Gratitude

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